On the one-year anniversary of the Asbury Outpouring, Seedbed is releasing The Awakening Library, a free suite of resources focused on nurturing spiritual awakening in the body of Christ, accompanied by an inspiring and in-depth video series.

The Awakening Library is a curated set of resources for leaders and churches looking to help guide their community toward an awakened life.

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Engaging a world-class film crew, we gathered testimonies from the Asbury Outpouring—an incredible sixteen-day meeting with Jesus in a small town in Kentucky that continues to touch the lives of millions globally.

These ten documentary episodes are intended to stir faith and hope in you and your congregation that the Spirit of God is at work in our generation.

Core Learning

Nine extended articles, exploring key learnings about awakening that have been integral to our work and practice as Seedbed and New Room, have been contributed by writers, leaders, and practitioners in fellowship with us.

Each provides practical insights for individuals and churches desiring awakening.

More videos

For personal and local church use, keynote videos from speakers at our New Room Conference over the past 10 years have been selected due to their helpful contribution to our understanding of awakening.

These videos are perfect for starting conversations in your community about what God is doing today.

Study Guide

As an active library, we are continually adding helping resources that will support you and your local church in sowing for a great awakening in your own heart, home, church, and city. You can also sign up to receive updates as new resources are added.

When we talk about awakening, we mean the following:

Awakening is the outcome of personally encountering Jesus Christ, through whom the love of God the Father is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Awakening both results from and leads to deep wholeness in people, renewal of the Church, evangelization of a generation, and transformation of society.


What Happened?

Hear firsthand accounts of what happened at the Asbury Outpouring from day 1 to 16. On February 8, 2023, a few Asbury University students chose to linger after a routine chapel service, responding to what they sensed God was doing. Eventually this small gathering captured global attention, and an estimated 50 thousand people were drawn to Wilmore, KY over the next 16 days.


Listen to stories of how Jesus consecrated people to himself in the main room and behind the scenes at the Asbury Outpouring. As the need for more worship teams increased, a handful of young leaders responded with a new innovation: a consecration room, a small meeting space behind the main auditorium dedicated to the preparation of the hearts of those who were about to lead.


Witness the movement of prayer before, during, and after the Asbury Outpouring. Long before February 8th, many people had been praying, crying out for a fresh move of God. For 16 days, the altar rails in Hughes Auditorium and simulcast sites throughout Wilmore were continuously flooded with people from across the world presenting their requests to God alongside hundreds of trained prayer ministers.

Core Learning


Is there a difference between belief and faith? Many Christians have some level of belief in God, yet they have fallen asleep at the wheel of faith.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the singular, yet comprehensive, solution to all that is broken in our lives and in this world—what would happen if we lived out this truth with a whole heart?

What is

Jesus led an awakening movement—and the Church has been experiencing fresh outpourings of God’s presence ever since!

Awakening happens when a movement of God’s power and love extends far and long enough to spill over into the streets of life—and into the structures of the social order. What is awakening, and what can we learn from historic awakenings for today?

How to Pray
For Awakening

It is not a new idea that prayer would be a precursor to the work of God. Travail, passionately pouring out our souls to God for a sweeping movement of his grace in our generation, may be a type of praying that has been forgotten in the West.

How does travailing prayer feature in the Scriptures and history—and how can we pray for awakening today?

How to Prepare
for Outpouring

Since the outpouring of God’s presence at Asbury University in February 2023, many people have been asking two questions: Is there any way something like that could happen here where I live? And if or when it does, how could we be prepared to steward it?

We will never whiteboard our way into awakening, but we can remove impediments—and posture ourselves to receive it.

Is your 

longing for an

We’re so glad you’re here! We invite you to join with us in pursuing and praying for awakening. We’ve put together a number of free resources along with opportunities for connection and participation to help you on your path.

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