Why We Need Awakening

Is there a difference between belief and faith? Many Christians have some level of belief in God, yet they have fallen asleep at the wheel of faith. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the singular, yet comprehensive, solution to all that is broken in our lives and in this world—what would happen if we lived out this truth with a whole heart?

What is Awakening?

Jesus led an awakening movement—and the Church has been experiencing fresh outpourings of God’s presence ever since! Awakening happens when a movement of God’s power and love extends far and long enough to spill over into the streets of life—and into the structures of the social order. What is awakening, and what can we learn from historic awakenings for today?

How to Pray for Awakening

It is not a new idea that prayer would be a precursor to the work of God. Travail, passionately pouring out our souls to God for a sweeping movement of his grace in our generation, may be a type of praying that has been forgotten in the West. How does travailing prayer feature in the Scriptures and history—and how can we pray for awakening today?

How to Host a Meeting with God

Before the events of Acts 2 unfolded, the disciples “…all joined together constantly in prayer” (Acts 1:14). In other words, they were in a meeting with God. Meetings with God are essentially prayer meetings marked by waiting and lingering and seeking. In a church world where our gatherings are dense with content, what would happen if we gave God time and access to us?

How to Lead Worship
for Encounter with Jesus

Worship leaders who lead worship for an encounter with Jesus are needed for such a time as this. Can worship leaders learn to lead worship in such a way that helps followers of Jesus, as individuals and as communities, to consistently experience the presence of God, be discipled into Christ, and posture themselves for awakening? We believe they can.

How to Minister in Prayer

When spiritual awakening happens in our life and the life of our community, prayer ministry plays a central role. Awakening involves healing and holiness in all areas of our lives—body, soul, mind, spirit, emotions, and relationships. Prayer ministry is the primary way to invite the in-breaking kingdom of God into our hearts, homes, churches, and cities.

How to Prepare for Outpouring

Since the outpouring of God’s presence at Asbury University in February 2023, many people have been asking two questions: Is there any way something like that could happen here where I live? And if or when it does, how could we be prepared to steward it? We will never whiteboard our way into awakening, but we can remove impediments—and posture ourselves to receive it.

How to Develop Leadership Culture for Awakening

Many Christian leaders have learned to lead by applying principles that bear a greater resemblance to the leadership luminaries of our day than to Jesus and the disciples. What if awakening is led differently than many of us have been trained to lead? What if awakening is led more prayerfully, simply, vulnerably, by observing, by responding, by consecrating the heart?

How to Cultivate Relationships that Sustain Awakening

Awakening moves at the pace of friendship. Behind the stories of awakening in the New Testament, and weaving through revivals throughout history, the attentive eye will see relationships—tightly-knit bonds between people and communities bound together by what the Bible calls koinonia, or fellowship. What if our relationships are at the very heart of awakening?

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