About Us

The Awakening Library is an initiative of Seedbed and New Room, and exists to serve followers of Jesus who desire to experience the presence of God in an ongoing and transformative way in their local context.

In specific, The Awakening Library is a free suite of online resources focused on nurturing spiritual awakening in the body of Christ, accompanied by an inspiring and in-depth series of interviews that reveal how lives were changed during the 16 days of what is known as the Asbury Outpouring, or Asbury Revival, in February 2023.

For over a decade, Seedbed has resourced the people of God to sow for a great awakening in our generation. Birthed as an initiative of Asbury Theological Seminary, Seedbed has a deep connection to Wilmore, Kentucky and its legacy of revival.

Based on that experience and relationship history, Asbury University invited Seedbed to come and help pastor the overwhelming student response in February 2023, which attracted over 50,000 people in person and touched millions online.

Drawing on the insights of leaders who banded together to steward the revival, and their own learnings from years of ministry in their annual New Room conferences, Seedbed has assembled this collection of materials and stories to help individuals and churches prepare for outpouring in their community.

“The Asbury outpouring overflowed into countless people and places around the world, continuing to inspire fresh faith and passion for what might be possible in this generation to this day. My friends at Seedbed and New Room played a vital, humble role in quietly serving this remarkable movement of the Holy Spirit, and are now seeking to steward its significance by releasing these firsthand accounts for free. I have no doubt that this resource will deepen hunger, increase prayer, and galvanise fresh outpourings of the Spirit around the world.”

— Pete Greig, 24/7 Prayer

“The Awakening Library holds a treasure trove of eye-witness accounts to a new move of God that I believe is only just beginning. This is fuel for the fire of revival everywhere. The Awakening Library will raise your faith, open your eyes; let Jesus break your heart for what is possible in this generation.”

— Al Gordon, Saint Church

“Moves of God often happen quickly. They leave lasting and even eternal deposits of wisdom. This resource from Seedbed is a veritable feast of that kind of revelation for the whole Church.”

— J. D. Walt, Seedbed

What we mean by "Awakening"

Both Seedbed and New Room orient our values and practices around our definition of awakening:

Awakening is the outcome of personally encountering Jesus Christ, through whom the love of God the Father is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Awakening both results from and leads to deep wholeness in people, renewal of the Church, evangelization of a generation, and transformation of society.

The common thread of the Christian story and the great urgency of our day, awakening unfolds in small ways which produce vast blessing to all of creation. It comes most readily to those who are desperate for more of God, to any disciple of Jesus thirsty for a manner of prayer and quality of relationship that bear the marks of plain, Scriptural Christianity—the measure of which is holy love.

Birthed in the soil of Seedbed, New Room is an ecosystem of relationships between individuals and organizations who are sowing for a great awakening today.

Beginning as an annual conference, but soon expanding into a constellation of connections and gatherings, New Room seeks to catalyze points for prayer and participation in the Father’s renewing work in our time.

New Room serves the Body of Christ globally by facilitating connections, growing fellowships, nurturing friendships, providing events and experiences, resourcing innovative visions of local church life, and partnering with like-minded leaders and organizations who are committed to the goal of seeing awakening flourish in our generation.

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Seedbed’s mission is to gather, connect, and resource the people of God to sow for a great awakening through the love of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God the Father.

Seedbed is a not-for-profit ministry organization that provides resources, training, and tools to help believers wake up to the love of Jesus, and sow that love into hearts, homes, churches, and cities.

To these ends, Seedbed focuses on gathering a global fellowship of sowers, connecting this fellowship in banded discipleship, and crafting discipleship resources to facilitate extravagant sowing.

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