Study Guide

The Awakening Library Study Guide below is designed to help you and your community prayerfully interact with, consider, and act on core learnings drawn from the experience of the Asbury Outpouring and over a decade of learnings from our New Room conferences.

This downloadable, free Guide is intended to help you, your group, and your local church engage in rich conversations about awakening, and what it may mean for your own posture of prayer and investment in all that God is doing today.

The Asbury Outpouring Unpacked short film series is the centerpiece for this learning, and is supplemented by our Core Learnings booklet series.

These primary resources are further enhanced by our growing library of video resources and articles, particularly selected to encourage you in your desire to see awakening in your heart, home, church, and city.

Each “Session” in this Church Guide is based on one theme drawn from the Asbury Outpouring Unpacked film series, and provides a meeting format for those gathering to learn from the videos. In the Guide you will find 10 group sessions, each leading you through watching a video, discussing the content with the reflection questions provided, and praying together.

Download the Guide below, and join us in sowing for a great awakening.