Video Resources

Over the past decade, the New Room Conference has gathered thousands of followers of Jesus each year for the purpose of hosting a meeting with Jesus. Through worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship, our growing New Room Network of individuals and churches is learning what it means to awaken to Jesus in our hearts, homes, churches, and cities.
The following teachings from our ten years of conferences have awakening DNA in them, and we commend them to you for your own encouragement and learning.


Asbury Outpouring Panel Discussion

Georges Dumaine
Jeanie Banter
Madeline Black
Greg Haseloff

David Thomas
Zach Meerkreebs
Sarah Baldwin
Kevin Brown

50 min

All Things New

Pete hughes

52 min

Understanding the Beauty of Jesus Through Trouble, Travail, and Triumph

Jonathan Tremaine Thomas

1 hr 13 min

Follow the Healer

Stephen Seamands

1 hr 2 min


Let the Fire Never Go Out

Carole Ward

50 min


Matthew Sleeth

43 min


The Door is Open

David Thomas

1 hr 3 min

You Are the Salt of the Earth

Allen Hood

1 hr 6 min


Spiritual Awakening

Jon Tyson

56 min

Sustaining the Fire of Holiness

Miriam Swaffield Swanson

1 hr 1 min


Let the Spirit Ignite Your Passion

Christine Caine

47 min

The Movement of Prayer and Revival

Kevin Queen

42 min


How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

Sandy Millar

1 hr 6 min

The Band Meeting

Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker

56 min


An Awakening of Hope

Pete Greig

49 min

Wake Yourself Up

Danielle Strickland

44 min


To Sow for a Great Awakening

David Thomas

35 min

Overcome Evil with Good

Jo Anne Lyon

43 min


Manifesto: Sola Sancta Caritas

Joe Dongell

50 min

On the General Spread of the Gospel

Philip Meadows

53 min